Hello! I'm Betty and I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I love to sing, and through my teaching I encourage my pupils to not just practise different exercises (which does help!) but to enjoy singing. We place a lot of pressure on ourselves when we sing, and in my class I want you to feel free to enjoy yourself, and love the sounds you make.

Although I've always loved to sing, there was a long period of time where I would struggle with my voice. I would go to singing teachers and not understand what my voice was doing, but try so hard to get it right that I would leave feeling deflated, and ultimately with a sore throat. 

After years of practise, training, and confidence building, I am now able to sing easily, comfortably, and with joy. These 3 things are what I want all my pupils to feel when they're in a lesson, and I make it easier by creating a safe and positive environment for them.

I absolutely love singing, and I love teaching it. Every week I am so excited by what my pupils can do vocally and seeing how much they improve week to week. They make this the best job in the world, and I'm so grateful I get to do it!